Terms and Conditions


‘Christchurch Centre’ refers to Christchurch Centre, Old Malpas Road, Malpas, Newport, Wales, NP20 5PP. ‘The client’ refers to the individual, company or organisation with whom Christchurch Centre have an agreement to provide facilities, catering or services based upon a Christchurch Centre quotation and any additional requirements or services subsequently requested and agreed ‘organiser’ refers to the client or a designated third party employed by the client to organise the event on their behalf ‘venue’ refers to a room (or space) or combination of rooms (or spaces) designated by Christchurch Centre for external hire ‘event’ refers to the function or use for which the venue is hired.

Terms of Booking

Christchurch Centre facilities are let on the basis of agreed quoted rates and the terms & conditions of booking and venue hire described below.

Conditions of Acceptance of Booking

For provisional bookings, rooms will be held for 7 days or up to 14 days prior to the event, whichever is sooner. Christchurch Centre will only consider a booking confirmed when the booking form section of this document is signed by the client and is received by Christchurch Centre. If the above timescales are not met it will be assumed by Christchurch Centre that the dates can be offered to other interested parties.

Christchurch Centre Quotation & Event Details

Christchurch Centre quotations will be issued to the client or organiser following an event enquiry. Christchurch Centre quotations will remain valid for 28 days. Christchurch Centre quotations will detail agreed event dates, number of delegates, rooms booked, catering services, additional staff and equipment required. If any details of the event change then a revised quotation will be issued and agreed. Final numbers of delegates must be confirmed no later than five working days before the event.

Standard Christchurch Centre room hire rates include (unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing) room hire from 9am – 5pm and standard set up. The Christchurch Centre quotation will list in detail room hire, catering, and any additional staff & equipment.


A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking. Upon successful completion of event Christchurch Centre will issue an invoice for the remaining amount, which should be paid in full within 14 days of invoice date. Any challenge or objection to any part of the invoice must be made in writing within five working days of receipt of invoice otherwise invoice should be paid in full. Any event booked within 7 days of required event date should be paid for in full no later than 48hrs prior to the event for confirmation.


Christchurch Centre operate a commission policy. Commission will be paid to event management companies and third parties who introduce clients to Christchurch Centre.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of booked event given in writing more than 30 days prior to the event date will result in no charge to the customer, except the 10% non-refundable deposit. Cancellation 7-30 days prior to the event date will incur a charge of 30% of the room hire. Cancellation 48hrs-7 days prior to the event date will incur a charge of 50% of the room hire. Any cancellations within 48hrs of the event date will incur charges of 100% of the room hire.

Additionally, cancellation of booked event given in writing more than 14 days prior to the event date will result in no charge to the customer for food. Cancellation 14 days prior to the event date will incur a charge of 50% of the food charge. Any cancellations within 3 days of the event date will incur 100% of the food charge.

Running Time

Should an event exceed the hours stated and agreed in the event quotation there may be additional charges for every hour or part thereof. Christchurch Centre generally have clearance teams organised for agreed event finish times to prepare for following events and the client will be liable for any costs incurred due to overrunning of agreed times.

Safety & Fire Regulations

All events are subject to compliance with current Health & Safety and Fire Safety Regulations, Child Protection and to the requirements of any other relevant authorities. Organisers are responsible for carrying out all necessary risk assessments prior to the event and issuing copies to Christchurch Centre at least 30 days prior to the event for review. Christchurch Centre must have notice in advance of any aspects of the event which may necessitate special safety or security arrangements. The organiser will be responsible for all consequential costs. Organisers should ensure provision of adequate First Aid personnel. All electrical appliances brought to site by the client should be tested in accordance with current electrical safety legislation, damage or injury caused by faulty appliances or equipment will be the sole responsibility of the client.

Disabled Access

Only ground floor rooms (Main hall, Annex and lobby rooms) are equipped with ramp access and disabled toilets. Upstairs meeting rooms are only accessible by stairs.

Entertainment & Alcohol Licenses

Any proposed entertainment is subject to the terms of the current or any Temporary Event Notices in place. Any entertainment provided by the client must comply with current noise regulations and requirements. The client should notify Christchurch Centre of intention to make alcohol available for sale a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date to enable temporary license to be obtained. No alcohol will be served after 10pm under any circumstances. Persons under 18 will not be served or supplied with alcohol.

Loss and Damage

The client is responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to protect the venue, equipment, facilities or any other Christchurch Centre property. Any costs incurred by Christchurch Centre for repairs following accidental or negligent damage caused at the event will be chargeable to the client. This includes any necessary cleaning required over and above reasonable wear & tear. Christchurch Centre will take all reasonable care to protect and maintain security for client property and staff but will not take responsibility for any damage or loss of client property or items before, during or after an event. The client must accept responsibility at all times. Christchurch management reserves the right to terminate any event where it is satisfied that continuation will jeopardise the safety and security of staff, delegates, property or the reputation of Christchurch Centre.

Special Conditions

Christchurch Centre is a no smoking venue, smoking is not permitted anywhere on site. Christchurch Centre will provide designated external areas for smokers only if agreed in writing.

The client is not permitted to use any part of Christchurch Centre to carry out illegal activity. Christchurch Centre management reserve the right to refuse admission or expel any person for illegal or inappropriate behaviour.

If Christchurch Centre is rendered unable wholly, or in part, to fulfil its obligations due to Force Majeure, Acts of God, industrial dispute, government regulation or intervention, restrictions on travel, acts of terrorism, delivery, equipment or utilities failure or for any other reason beyond the control of Christchurch Centre, in no event will Christchurch Centre be liable for loss of profit or consequential damage from any of these matters.